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USA Partial Economic Area (PEA) Mapping

We are pleased to announce the availability of mapping templates for the new Partial Economic Area (PEA) maps. These maps have been done according to the US Government Department of Communications (FCC) recently announced 2015 Spectrum Auction.

These mapping files were generated as shape files images using QGIS mapping software .shp / .qgs / .dbf / .shx / .cpg / .prj / .qpj. Also available are KML and KMZ formatted files for Google Earth import. Also included is a dataset as containing population data corresponding to each PEA, total area and perimeter (in square meters), State, County and FIPS Codes. This additional data is in xls, ods and csv formats.

These maps can also be converted to .png, vector, .ia, .eps or bitmaps on request.

Please contact Clay Perreault for more information. Clay @