Commercial Projects


For the past decade, Phase Global and it’s engineering teams have been actively involved with designing and applying the latest in high technology products with creative business solutions in order to create converged telecommunications solutions. The company has been actively involved in numerous projects ranging from the creation of distributed call centers, remote video surveillance platforms, satellite based data positioning and data acquisition, wireless and satellite based voice systems solutions for rural schools and hospitals. These projects span the globe from remote Canadian arctic villages, jungle locked latin american schools, national border control and surveillance systems in the United States, to West African hospitals.

Video Surveillance: Regional WiMax and remote surveillance equipment deployment for US Municipal wireless services, Homeland Security projects on the Mexican border, and shipping port surveillance and security engineering. Created, trained and managed Engineering teams in building intelligent computer assisted video analysis systems for intrusion and crowd behavior detection.

Secure Voice: Provide encrypted voice communications systems using cellular, fixed and satellite solutions for dozens of Government and NGO projects globally.

Power Solutions: Managed solar power systems implementation to create “off grid” cameras and remote communications solutions. Designed and implemented a solar powered video surveillance solution for the off the US Coast that included 16km of WiMax radios, SCADA, and video analytics to assist in a planned Homeland Security funded project.

Public Safety: Papeete, Tahiti. Lead the design and development of a island wide Tsunami warning and public communications system that integrated Tsunami warning data from NOAA buoys and effectively communicated this data in real time to emergency first responders, government, schools and beachside resorts. This system integrated community wide video surveillance systems, GPS vehicle tracking, multi-technology voice integration including handheld VHF “Walkie Talkies”, Voice over IP, traditional telephone and satellite communications.

Corporate Security: Phase Global has implemented many corporate video surveillance systems in concert with sophisticated access control and video analytics technologies to improve security for personnel and assets globally. These projects have spanned the globe and involved consulate personnel tracking in Latin America to oil well perimeter safety systems in Kuwait.
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