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Phase Global Ltd (HK) is a global telecommunications company with its headquarters in Hong Kong, SAR and branch offices in San Diego, California USA, Mexico City Mexico and London, England. The company was formed in 2003 to take a lead in the explosive growth in the global telecom and security solutions industries resulting from telecom deregulation and new technology development. Its primary products and services include:

Secure Digital Communications Systems
Voice and Data Encryption
Satellite Communications Solutions
Remote Data Collection and Analysis
Perimeter and Building Access Control Security Systems
Vehicle and Personnel Tracking Solutions
Municipal and Border Video Surveillance Solutions
Emergency First Responder Communications

The Company has positioned itself as a leader in international telecommunications by developing and providing the latest telecom converging connectivity solutions, products and services to the global marketplace including large-scale secure voice and data transport networks and telecommunications and security solutions for developing nations. The company has capitalized on it's management’s extensive industry experience and established worldwide government and corporate relationships. Through strategic partnerships and joint venture agreements with corporate, government, licensed telecom and security services companies Phase Global is well positioned for accelerated growth and continued global expansion.